New wood stove fitted

I have had numerous faults to find in big construction company that use a modern form of slavery to employ the most workers they can and pay them as little as possible.

I on the other hand, have been doing quite the opposite. I have lived all over the world, but the biggest eye opener for me was whilst I was at my sisters home in India. The conditions they work in over there must be torture, and the pay is terrible in most cases.

Anyway, fast forward to my trip and I have a small apartment over there that needed a few bits and pieces sorted out including the heating, and refitting the living area. I got some builders in and asked them there rate, and agreed to pay them there fee’s with an agreement in place for extra if I was extremely pleased with the results.

Anyway, I left for the USA for two weeks, leaving my sister to check on progress while I was away. I was kept updated over Skype and she was certainly singing the new design praises, in particular the new wood stove we had installed.

So come the third week, I decided to make the trip back there to see what it looked like myself. To my surprise I was taken aback at just how modern and cozy it all looked. The flooring now had wooden panels varnished nicely, along with some great comfy furniture. But the stand out point was certainly the new log stove sitting in the fireplace. I knew roughly what I wanted the living area to look like, but this exceeded my expectations. I had taken time to look online at wood burning stove reviews and came up with a great looking model. And it wasn’t a bad choice. In the evening when light grew dim, the flames lit up the whole room beautifully.

They really couldn’t of done a better job, and for that I decided to add 50% payment on top for their hard work and bringing my visions to life.

Now the main room is complete, that leaves me with the garden area, along with our bathroom, and kitchen to complete. Early days, but the first step is the most important step, and if the omens so far are anything to go by, this could be a successful venture and my home can be finally described as a home away from home.