Fitting the toilet and other bathroom tasks

Today was the day the majority of our bathroom fixtures and accessories arrived. Didn’t take too long for them to come, in fact only took about a week which is exactly what I was hoping for because I have a few days off from now until next Monday. That will give me enough time to install the new toto toilet, the bath tub, sink, and shower. It’s a large task, but I definitely prefer to do it rather than spend a fortune on having a builder come in and fit it all.

However, before undertaking said work above, we have encountered a leak, we’re not sure whether that’s due to the radiator, or some external source, but what we do know is the tiling on the floor can’t be done until this is handled. Yet another bump in the road. Updates coming shortly.

New update:

bathroom flooringIt was actually a external source, water was seeping through the wall. This has been dealt with by placing a sealant layer at the problem area and it seems to have taken care of that now. Additionally, because that problem has been solved, I have just finished up placing all the floor tiles and they look great. I haven’t got any image of it yet, but to give you an idea of the pattern, there is an image in this post. We really feel it compliments the color of the room.

The above paved the way to fit the walk in shower, and sink areas. All that’s left to do now is fit the toto toilet we mentioned above. This particular model we found through a lot of research online, and was actually one of the suggested best buys on both The Toilet Throne website, and Toilet Advice. They have plenty of reviews and guides and helped us understand why it was the right choice for our needs, so thumbs up to those guys.

What was previously a rather run down room, the bathroom is taking shape and fast becoming one of the more modern rooms in the household which is fantastic. There will be additional tasks for it later such as new lighting and heating options, but for now, we’ve covered the necessities and the decor looks fantastic and friendly.