End torture around the globe and slavery

It’s staggering to think there is still so much torture and slavery going on across the globe in this day and age. We are living in a world where so much good can be done with the technology we have invented, but instead we use it for greed.

This blog was created to raise awareness and hopefully spread a much more positive message across the globe and  end these medieval practices once and for all. We are all human after all.

According to new statistics released, there are nearly 30 million people who are currently living in modern slavery, and it’s netting traffickers a tidy sum. This needs to be stopped. The wide majority of these people would fall into the category of being used for labor in things like building projects because employing thousands of workers on skyscrapers can get expensive over time.

Even today, some statistics put the slavery number at 60,000 in the USA. That’s horrific to think something like that is going on in the country you live in.

The countries with some of the biggest issues include India, Pakistan, Haiti, and Nepal. But it doesn’t stop there. This needs to be stopped at the source if possible, but I fear as the human population grows, this is only going to increase as we turn the other cheek.

It’s each and every one of our jobs to leave the world a better place than when we first stepped in. It may seem like an uphill struggle, but if we have enough people on board doing just that, the light will prevail over the darkness, and hopefully a happier future for our children and our families.

Over time we will share news with our readers along with our latest thoughts on the current headlines, so keep on the lookout for updates posted here.

Speak soon,