Fitting the toilet and other bathroom tasks

Today was the day the majority of our bathroom fixtures and accessories arrived. Didn’t take too long for them to come, in fact only took about a week which is exactly what I was hoping for because I have a few days off from now until next Monday. That will give me enough time to install the new toto toilet, the bath tub, sink, and shower. It’s a large task, but I definitely prefer to do it rather than spend a fortune on having a builder come in and fit it all.

However, before undertaking said work above, we have encountered a leak, we’re not sure whether that’s due to the radiator, or some external source, but what we do know is the tiling on the floor can’t be done until this is handled. Yet another bump in the road. Updates coming shortly.

New update:

bathroom flooringIt was actually a external source, water was seeping through the wall. This has been dealt with by placing a sealant layer at the problem area and it seems to have taken care of that now. Additionally, because that problem has been solved, I have just finished up placing all the floor tiles and they look great. I haven’t got any image of it yet, but to give you an idea of the pattern, there is an image in this post. We really feel it compliments the color of the room.

The above paved the way to fit the walk in shower, and sink areas. All that’s left to do now is fit the toto toilet we mentioned above. This particular model we found through a lot of research online, and was actually one of the suggested best buys on both The Toilet Throne website, and Toilet Advice. They have plenty of reviews and guides and helped us understand why it was the right choice for our needs, so thumbs up to those guys.

What was previously a rather run down room, the bathroom is taking shape and fast becoming one of the more modern rooms in the household which is fantastic. There will be additional tasks for it later such as new lighting and heating options, but for now, we’ve covered the necessities and the decor looks fantastic and friendly.

Looking to get a new pole saw

Now that much of the interior fitting and fixing are completed on the house, I have been looking at ways to improve my back yards appearance, and one of the first things that was brought up was the amount of space the trees take up. If we could cut them back somehow, the garden would seem so much more spacious and inviting. So that’s when I begun looking for a pole saw.

Unknown to me at the time, was the amount of variety in type and brands on the market, which made research that little bit more difficult. I have searched around for buying guides in that past that didn’t lead me too far as to which offers the best quality, and which is suitable to my requirements. Most websites seemed to have vague descriptions of various pruning tools and trimmers, but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon this article – The best pole saws –, that I started to get a more in depth understanding of how each model works, how it can benefit me, and some excellent advice regarding maintaining the products.

After filtering through the various types – which included gas powered, electric powered, and cordless options, there was several contenders for my needs. These included the Husqvarna 128LDX, the Poulan Pro PP258TP, the Remington RM2599, and the GreenWorks 20672. Now all of these had qualities in their own right, and the capability to do what I needed. But I had a certain budget to follow, along with a specific reach. All of which was provided by them, and really helped speed up my buying decision.

In the end, I went for a gas powered pole saw called the Remington RM2599. It fulfilled all my specifications and more and after arriving last week, set up was simple and of the light usage I have had of it so far, i’m also very impressed by the cut quality. I have already finished pruning back two of the main trees, with a few more to go, which will be completed in the coming weeks.

The back yard is really starting to look the part, it has a much more modern feel to it, with plenty more sunlight reaching the grass, which was a big problem before and limiting growth of flowers and plants.

There are a few more minor improvements to finish before I consider it job done, but we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

New wood stove fitted

I have had numerous faults to find in big construction company that use a modern form of slavery to employ the most workers they can and pay them as little as possible.

I on the other hand, have been doing quite the opposite. I have lived all over the world, but the biggest eye opener for me was whilst I was at my sisters home in India. The conditions they work in over there must be torture, and the pay is terrible in most cases.

Anyway, fast forward to my trip and I have a small apartment over there that needed a few bits and pieces sorted out including the heating, and refitting the living area. I got some builders in and asked them there rate, and agreed to pay them there fee’s with an agreement in place for extra if I was extremely pleased with the results.

Anyway, I left for the USA for two weeks, leaving my sister to check on progress while I was away. I was kept updated over Skype and she was certainly singing the new design praises, in particular the new wood stove we had installed.

So come the third week, I decided to make the trip back there to see what it looked like myself. To my surprise I was taken aback at just how modern and cozy it all looked. The flooring now had wooden panels varnished nicely, along with some great comfy furniture. But the stand out point was certainly the new log stove sitting in the fireplace. I knew roughly what I wanted the living area to look like, but this exceeded my expectations. I had taken time to look online at wood burning stove reviews and came up with a great looking model. And it wasn’t a bad choice. In the evening when light grew dim, the flames lit up the whole room beautifully.

They really couldn’t of done a better job, and for that I decided to add 50% payment on top for their hard work and bringing my visions to life.

Now the main room is complete, that leaves me with the garden area, along with our bathroom, and kitchen to complete. Early days, but the first step is the most important step, and if the omens so far are anything to go by, this could be a successful venture and my home can be finally described as a home away from home.

End torture around the globe and slavery

It’s staggering to think there is still so much torture and slavery going on across the globe in this day and age. We are living in a world where so much good can be done with the technology we have invented, but instead we use it for greed.

This blog was created to raise awareness and hopefully spread a much more positive message across the globe and  end these medieval practices once and for all. We are all human after all.

According to new statistics released, there are nearly 30 million people who are currently living in modern slavery, and it’s netting traffickers a tidy sum. This needs to be stopped. The wide majority of these people would fall into the category of being used for labor in things like building projects because employing thousands of workers on skyscrapers can get expensive over time.

Even today, some statistics put the slavery number at 60,000 in the USA. That’s horrific to think something like that is going on in the country you live in.

The countries with some of the biggest issues include India, Pakistan, Haiti, and Nepal. But it doesn’t stop there. This needs to be stopped at the source if possible, but I fear as the human population grows, this is only going to increase as we turn the other cheek.

It’s each and every one of our jobs to leave the world a better place than when we first stepped in. It may seem like an uphill struggle, but if we have enough people on board doing just that, the light will prevail over the darkness, and hopefully a happier future for our children and our families.

Over time we will share news with our readers along with our latest thoughts on the current headlines, so keep on the lookout for updates posted here.

Speak soon,